A British Record

In 1935/36 St Anthony's played 88 competitive matches. This is a British record for any professional or semi-professional football club, although not quite a world record (held by Vitoria FC, Espirito Santo, Brazil).

For the second successive year all 26 Scottish Central League clubs had been placed in one division, giving rise to 50 league fixtures. In addition the Ants entered nine cup competitions (although we eventually scratched from one). We did well in most of them and there were an extraordinary number of replays, hence that total of 88 matches - 91 if you add in non-competitive games.

Towards the end of the campaign match secretary (manager) Arthur McInally was so short of fit players that he was forced to field a rugby player in one game and a cricketer in another! But it's worth noting that despite the fixture congestion the Ants still managed to maintain the club's charitable traditions, squeezing in a couple of benefit matches for local old folk.

All matches played during this marathon season are listed below. The abbreviations used are given at the bottom of the page.

SCL = Scottish Central Junior League
NEC = Glasgow North-Eastern Junior Cup
SJC = Scottish Junior Cup
GJC = Glasgow Junior Cup
WSC = West of Scotland Junior Cup
CLC = Scottish Central League Cup
SLC = Smyllum-Langbank Charity Cup
KSh = Kirkwood Shield
GCC = Glasgow Junior Charity Cup
ECH = Elder Cottage Hospital Charity Cup
Ben = benefit match
Frd = friendly match
QF = quarter-final
SF = semi-final
F = final
r = replay
aet = after extra time
w/o = walk-over
scr = scratched


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