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The Evening Times Trophy (later Evening Times Cup-Winners' Cup) has had many uses over the years...


In its first guise the Evening Times Trophy was presented to the winners of the Glasgow Junior League from 1896/97 (its second season) to 1926/27 (its last). The name of the first GJL champions was inscribed on the trophy at a later date. Very occasionally this league operated a second division, but the trophy was only ever used for the winners of Division One. St Anthony's joined the GJL in 1922.


1927/28 to 1930/31 - presented to the overall champions of the rebel Scottish Intermediate League. There was a play-off between the winners of the Eastern and Western Divisions.


1931/32 to 1967/68 - presented to the overall champions of the Scottish Central League. Usually this involved a play-off between the winners of the Eastern and Western, or 'A' and 'B' Divisions. In seasons when there was only one division it was presented to the top-placed club. When there were three or even four divisions, semi-finals were necessary.


1968/69 to 1978/79 - presented to the overall champions of the new Central Regional League, which now included former Lanarkshire League clubs. There were now three divisions, so a play-off between the 'B' and 'C' Division winners provided opponents for the 'A' Division winners in the final. The competition fell into a bit of disrepute during this period as better-rested lower division sides often beat vastly superior 'A' Division winners caught up in end-of-season fixture congestion.


1979/80 to 1981/82 - The Evening Times Trophy was renamed the Evening Times Cup-Winners' Cup. The four competing clubs were now the Central Region 'A' Division winners plus the winners of the Sectional League Cup, the Central League Cup, and the McLeod Trophy. The overall championship play-offs between the divisional winners continued - minus the trophy - until 1982, when it was announced that future winners of the top division would be automatic Central Region champions.


1982/83 to 2001/02 - the winners of the three league divisions plus the Sectional League Cup winners and the Central League Cup winners competed for the cup.


2002/03 to date - under the new West Region set-up, Ayrshire clubs now take part in the competition. The winners of the five league divisions compete, plus the winners of the West of Scotland Cup, Central League Cup, Ayrshire Junior Cup, Sectional League Cup (Central) and Sectional League Cup (Ayrshire).

Evening Times Trophy

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