St Anthony's took part in this competition during the four seasons of the Intermediate Dispute (see Scottish Intermediate Cup page). This was the Intermediate "rebels" answer to the Glasgow Junior Cup, a competition retained by the "loyalist" Junior clubs.


Virtually all the major clubs from the old Glasgow Junior Football Association switched to the new competition. In addition, the Glasgow & District Intermediate FA played the numbers game by including clubs from all the counties surrounding the city, making it a very competitive affair indeed.


By contrast, only a rump of city clubs took part in the actual Glasgow Junior Cup. The best of these was Maryhill Hibernian, a club which benefitted from the split because they replaced St Anthony's as Celtic's main nursery side (as a rebel club we were not permitted to sell players to the seniors). Cadder United and Govan Cleansing Department were half-decent outfits, while a fourth club, The Grove, a brand new team from the recently-built Riddrie housing scheme, never got off the ground.


As a result, the Glasgow Junior FA was forced to recruit entrants from beyond the city limits in order to have any competition at all. Many of the clubs recruited were of very minor status. The list of winners from this period makes strange reading - Kilsyth Emmet, Carluke Rovers, Maryhill Hibernian and Kilsyth Rangers.


By contrast, the winners' list from the Glasgow & District Intermediate Cup suggests 'business as usual'. Ashfield, St Roch's and Strathclyde Juniors were all city clubs, with Clydebank Juniors the only victorious outsiders.

Glasgow & District Intermediate Cup