CHRISTY MARTIN, a) (NORTHERN) IRELAND club: Bo'ness, 1 cap, 0 goals

23 Apr 1927 vs Italy 'B' home 1-2 Friendly

TOMMY McINALLY, SCOTLAND club: Celtic, 2 caps, 0 goals

Unofficial Internationalists (3)

There is some justification for including wartime internationals in a category of their own, despite being unofficial in nature. However, the "Scotland" versus American Soccer League matches were only SFA XI tour games, not internationals. I have only listed them here because other football historians have listed them.

'B' Internationalists (1)

TOM BROWN, SCOTLAND 'B' club: Kilmarnock, 2 caps, 1 goal

21 Feb 1995 vs Northern Ireland 'B' home 3-0 Friendly
10 Oct 1995 vs Sweden 'B' away 2-1 Friendly; 1 goal

Under 23 Internationalists (1)

League Internationalists (10)

JOHNNY GILCHRIST, SCOTTISH LEAGUE club: Celtic, 2 caps, 0 goals

25 Jan 1921 vs Irish League home 3-0 Inter-League
18 Oct 1922 vs Irish League home 3-0 Inter-League

HARRY HADDOCK, SCOTTISH LEAGUE club: Clyde, 7 caps, 1 goal

18 Nov 1954 vs League of Ireland home 5-0 Inter-League
16 Mar 1955 vs The Football League home 3-2 Inter-League; 1 goal
07 Sep 1955 vs Irish League home 3-0 Inter-League
21 Sep 1955 vs League of Ireland away 4-2 Inter-League
30 Nov 1955 vs Danish Football Comb. away 4-0 Friendly
05 Sep 1956 vs Irish League away 7-1 Inter-League
26 Sep 1956 vs League of Ireland home 3-1 Inter-League

HUGH HILLEY, SCOTTISH LEAGUE club: Celtic, 1 cap, 0 goals

Unofficial League Internationalists (1)

Junior Internationalists (11)

Please note that only players capped while signed for St Anthony's are included here. Other players were capped before joining, or after leaving, the club.

These matches are not all internationals in the true sense of the word. England were usually represented by minor association selects from the Birmingham area, while Wales were usually represented by a North Wales FA select.