Knock-out League Cups

I have chosen to put all the knock-out league cup results on one page, although they are technically five different competitions. This is partly for the sake of convenience; partly because, for Glasgow clubs like St Anthony's, there is a certain continuity in these cups as the leagues that promoted them changed or evolved. The competitions are as follows:-

Glasgow Junior League Cup (1921/22 to 1926/27)
Scottish Intermediate League Cup (1926/27 to 1930/31)
Scottish Central League Cup (1931/32 to 1967/68)
Central Regional League Cup (1968/69 to 2001/02)
Central District League Cup (2002/03 to date)

The Glasgow Junior League Cup was instituted in 1921. It served two purposes - firstly the clubs wanted more fixtures, and secondly the GJL got much-needed income by taking a percentage of the gate money. The idea of a league running its own cup competition was relatively new, but the GJL probably got the idea from the Scottish Junior League's Victory Cup (which the Ants had won twice).

St Anthony's first took part in the Glasgow Junior League Cup in 1922/23, having joined the GJL in 1922. In this season the competition had greater significance than usual. The poaching of St Anthony's and St Roch's by the GJL had led to a split in the Junior game, and GJL clubs were not allowed to participate in the Scottish Junior Cup. Gate receipts from the (expanded) League Cup were therefore vital to everyone concerned.

Ants fans checking out this page are advised to pour themselves a large one before reading further. Our record is not good. We have never troubled the engravers, and there is a certain 23 season stretch without a win...

Pl W D L F A Pts
Greenock Juniors 6 5 0 1 23 6 10
Rutherglen Glencairn 6 3 0 3 15 17 6
St Anthony's 6 2 0 4 13 13 4
Vale of Leven Juniors 6 2 0 4 8 23 4