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St Anthony's played their first league football in August 1906. This is a project to collect accurately all 124 of our league tables since then - a not inconsiderable task as some of them didn't appear complete in print even in their own time. Only bona fide league tables are collected here. Knock-out competitions which have a preliminary league element (such as the Sectional League Cup) will be researched at a later date.


Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy. The Played, Won, Drawn, Lost and Points columns should add up - there is one exception. In the older tables the former custom of ordering the columns Won, Lost, Drawn has been converted to the modern Won, Drawn, Lost to avoid confusion.


The For and Against columns are more problematical - especially prior to the age of computers - with mistakes being made in reporting the scores, noting them down at the sports desk, compiling the tables, or even in compositing them. You can almost see the reporter or club official making a quick visit to the toilet or refreshment hut and missing a goal. Or the bored office junior half-heartedly updating last week's table while doodling in the margins. Or the person, long forgotten, working at the Evening Times in the mid-1930s who had very poor handwriting. His 'sixes' were virtually indistinguishable from his 'zeros' and this led to many a daft result appearing in the sports edition. In other words, I make no great claims about the accuracy of the For and Against columns, although I have done my best to iron out any errors found.


I have taken into account whether goal average or goal difference applied, and noted cases in which play-offs decided championships, runners-up spots, relegation or re-election places.


The correct names of clubs have been used. For example, Renfrew Juniors became Renfrew FC part-way through the 1927/28 season, while Pollok Juniors changed their name to Pollok FC in the summer of 1979. Clubs from the Burgh of Port Glasgow had a hyphen pre-1940 (Port-Glasgow Athletic Juniors) but no hyphen  afterwards (Port Glasgow Juniors).


Inevitably a few results are missing. I have listed these below, together with as much information as I have at hand. If anyone can supply any of these results - or a complete table from the relevent season - please contact me at [email protected] or post a message on the official St Anthony's Facebook page. All information gratefully received.

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