Record Scores

Please note that this is a 'work in progress'. St Anthony's participated in poorly recorded leagues prior to 1922 and some research still needs to be done. Note also that St Anthony's record 15-2 victory over Shettleston is sometimes stated to have been 16-2. This was due to an error (later corrected) in the Evening Times "Now You Know" column. The minimum requirement for inclusion in the first two categories is nine goals for either team. The minimum requirement for the 'record draws' section is ten goals. The minimum requirement for the 'other unusual scores' section is eleven goals.





ST ANTHONY'S 15 SHETTLESTON 2 (Glasgow Junior Charity Cup round 1, 1942/43)

GOUROCK JUNIORS 0 ST ANTHONY'S 12 (Central League Western Division, 1962/63)

ST ANTHONY'S 10 WORDIE & CO. 0 (North-Eastern Junior Cup round 1 replay, 1926/27)

ST ANTHONY'S 10 DISTILLERS 1 (Scottish Junior Cup round 1, 1925/26)

ST ANTHONY'S 10 CLYDEBANK JUNIORS 1 (Central League Western Division, 1940/41)

ST ANTHONY'S 10 POLLOK JUNIORS 2 (Elder Cottage Hospital Charity Cup round 1, 1944/45)

ST ANTHONY'S 10 CLYDEBANK JUNIORS 3 (Central League Section 'B' local, 1945/46)

ST ANTHONY'S 9 BRIDGETON WAVERLEY 0 (Glasgow Junior Jubilee Cup round 2, 1933/34)

ST ANTHONY'S 9 MARYHILL HARP 1 (Central League Division 'C', 1947/48)

ST ANTHONY'S 9 KIRKINTILLOCH ROB ROY 3 (Glasgow & District Junior League, 1906/07)

ST ANTHONY'S 9 CLYDEBANK JUNIORS 4 (Central League Section 'A' local, 1947/48)




POLLOK 12 ST ANTHONY'S 0 (Sectional League Cup group stage, 1984/85)

ST ANTHONY'S 3 MARYHILL 11 (Central League Cup round 1, 1996/97)

JOHNSTONE BURGH 10 ST ANTHONY'S 1 (Central League Western Division, 1964/65)

ASHFIELD 10 ST ANTHONY'S 2 (Central League Division 'C', 1968/69)

ST ANTHONY'S 0 KILSYTH RANGERS 9 (Central League Division 'B', 1952/53)

POLLOK 9 ST ANTHONY'S 0 (Sectional League Cup group stage, 2016/17)

DUNTOCHER HIBERNIAN 9 ST ANTHONY'S 1 (Central League Section 'A' local, 1947/48)

POLLOK 9 ST ANTHONY'S 1 (Sectional League Cup group stage, 1990/91)




ASHFIELD 7 ST ANTHONY'S 7 (Friendly, 1985/86)

BELLSHILL ATHLETIC 6 ST ANTHONY'S 6 (aet) (Pompey Cup round 2, 2nd replay, 1957/58)

ST ANTHONY'S 5 PARKHEAD 5 (Central League, 1935/36)

KILSYTH RANGERS 5 ST ANTHONY'S 5 (Central League Division 'B', 1949/50)

ST ANTHONY'S 5 NEILSTON JUNIORS 5 (Sectional League Cup group stage, 1972/73)

BLANTYRE CELTIC 5 ST ANTHONY'S 5 (Central League Division 2, 1991/92)




ST ANTHONY'S 8 MARYHILL 5 (West of Scotland Cup round 3, 1943/44)

DENNISTOUN WAVERLEY 4 ST ANTHONY'S 8 (Central League Division'B', 1955/56)

KIRKINTILLOCH ROB ROY 8 ST ANTHONY'S 3 (Central League Cup round 1, 1934/35)

ST ROCH'S 8 ST ANTHONY'S 3 (West of Scotland Cup round 1, 1954/55)

BLANTYRE CELTIC 8 ST ANTHONY'S 3 (Central League Division 'B', 1966/67)

DUNTOCHER HIBERNIAN 7 ST ANTHONY'S 4 (Central League Section 'C' local, 1948/49)

PORT GLASGOW JUNIORS 7 ST ANTHONY'S 4 (Central League Division 'B', 1955/56)

PARKHEAD 6 ST ANTHONY'S 5 (Glasgow Junior League, 1925/26)

ST ANTHONY'S 5 ST ROCH'S 6 (Langbank Charity Cup final, 1929/30, at Southcroft Park)




What was a local sports reporter to do when the football was cancelled in the winter months? He had a weekly column to fill, and, let's face it, the average, small, grey Scottish town has only so many jumble sales, scout jamborees and goat-shaggers' initiation ceremonies per week. Some reporters resorted to creative writing to fill those pesky column inches. Such was the case in February, 1942, when heavy snow meant the postponement of a Kirkintilloch Rob Roy versus St Anthony's Central League Cup tie for the third week running. This is what the anonymous Kirkintilloch Herald hack came up with...

John -------- came home from work on Saturday, and resigned himself to an afternoon by the fireside. He had intended being present at the Rob Roy v. St. Anthony's League Cup match, but had learned earlier in the day that the game had been called off. After dinner, he settled in his armchair with his head deep in a cushion, and his eyes glued on the pages of a book. After a time the printed words commenced to play leap-frog, and he closed his eyes and entered slumberland.


Soon he found himself at Adamslie, where great crowds had gathered, the police having difficulty in regulating the various queues in order not to block the Glasgow Road to vehicular traffic. Word had got round that some very pleasant surprises were in store for Rob Roy fans. Some ten thousand excited fans crammed into Adamslie, and, occupying every point of vantage, trained their eyes on the pavilion.


At 3.15 they saw the Robs' team take the field, and run to the Kirkintilloch end for the preliminary shoot-in. Who is that in goal - a dapper and agile figure? Why, none other than Johnny Jackson. And as for that swash-buckling right-back. Why, if it isn't old friend Bertie Costello, and, alongside him, a little man with a terrific kick - Puck Ure. There's Joe McManus taking up the right-half berth and Willie Lyon and Jimmy McCaffer warming up. The outside-right is Joe Burke, and he is being partnered by wee Geordie Marshall, Archie Stewart was unable to get along. Alex. Dowdells is to lead the line. But who are these two players forming the left wing? Both faces are familiar, but the fans are having difficulty in placing them. That little man is a regular bag of tricks. He's been recognised, and the word is flashed round - "Sojer" Martin. The left winger, a mere strip of a boy, is a favourite of the Kelvinside days, and probably the greatest left-wingerever to wear the Rob Roy colours - Sammy Black.


The referee calls the captains to the centre of the field. McCaffer skippers the Rob Roy. Soon the teams are lined up - and they're off. The "Ants" are no match for this grand Rob Roy team. That is made apparent in the early stages of the game. Robs have struck it early, and are functioning on all cylinders. A flashing shot from Black is breasted home by Dowdells, who went crashing in like a Valentine tank. Soon the score is two, Burke having romped through to score. The "Ants" struggle on gamely against great odds, every man jack of 'em being on the defensive. Some wizardry by Martin and Marshall ends with the "Sojer" rounding three opponents like a hula dancer to thrust the ball home. This blitz has been too much for the men of Govan, who sag at the knees. Goals from McManus, Dowdells, Black, Martin, Burke, Dowdalls, Marshall, and Costello - a long-range effort - follow in quick succession. The fans have already lost count, and the referee isn't so sure.


The second half produces another crop of goals, and Robs retire victorious by some 20 - or is it 22? - goals to nil. A million-dollar smile on his face, Scoular Lawson comes out to address the cheering fans, and tells them that they are all invited to a Rob Roy re-union in the Town Hall. The crowds surge towards the gates, making for the Town Hall. Soon they approach the scene of jollifications. Alas! just as he is about to enter, John -------- feels the pressure of a hand on his shoulder. He is shaken. A voice is heard saying: "Faither, mither says you'll need tae hurry up else we'll no' get in tae see Deanna Durbin."

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