This is an ongoing project to track down all of the estimated 290 St Anthony's players who have gone on to sign contracts for senior clubs. The current total stands at 278 contracts signed, so a bit of work remains to be done. However, as the longest previously published list included only 69 players, something has been achieved. This page will be updated on a regular basis as more players are found.


St Anthony's became a senior club themselves in 2020 when all West Region clubs joined the new West of Scotland Football League, part of the Scottish pyramid system.


Few countries are daft enough to have their clubs governed by more than one association, so the term "senior" means very little to fans outside Scotland. For the purposes of this project I include all players who signed for clubs in full membership or associated membership of their main national football association. In Scotland this means clubs eligible to play in the Scottish FA Cup (or the old Qualifying Cup). In England I include clubs eligible to play in the FA Cup, FA Trophy and FA Vase. For other countries I have examined each club on a case-by-case basis. The only exceptions I allow are in the cases of clubs from countries occupying vast continental areas, such as Canada and Australia, where they play in State competitions.


I make no distinction between league and non-league clubs. And I include players who went senior via other Junior clubs. All types of contracts are included - professional, amateur, provisional, delayed and also wartime emergency rule 4 transfers. Some football historians understandably do not include provisional transfers in their lists. These transfers are difficult to track down, the players were often never called up, and in some seasons the SFA did not even bother to record them. I take the view that any St Anthony's player good enough to sign a senior contract, of whatever type, deserves recognition on this page.


Anyone who can help with this project please contact me via one of the official St Anthony's FC social media sites. Many thanks to David Wilkes for his valuable assistance and to everyone who has contributed bits and pieces.

Saints & Seniors

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