The Evening Times article reproduced below was the 29th in a series on top Junior clubs in West/Central Scotland. It appeared on 4th March 1933, which just happened to be the 28th anniversary of the first match ever played by the Ants. The journalist, cleverly named "Junior Veteran", obviously knows his stuff. His memory is sound throughout the series, backed up by the Evening Times archives and by consultation with club officials who were around when the events took place. In St Anthony's case "Junior Veteran" need have gone no further for advice than Steve Callaghan, our match-secretary (manager) from 1906 and by this time Celtic's chief scout.


There are one or two mistakes which require correction. Our first competitive match was in the Glasgow Junior Cup, not the Kirkwood Shield - although the error is excusable as we were late entrants to the competition and our name did not appear in the first round draw. The first player to go senior was Paddy Kelly, not George Porteous. Again the error is excusable as, by the time Kelly made his name with Motherwell, he had served an obscure apprenticeship with non-leaguers Dumbarton Harp and Motherwell Reserves. Finally, the player who stepped up with Clyde was Hugh Chambers - not Chalmers - a  typo.


The article appears as it did in 1933, but I have added the photograph of Bobby Bruce to illustrate the anecdote at the end. He appears in the black-and-gold Aberdeen strip of the day, although, to be entirely accurate, he had now moved on to Middlesbrough. I have also included some adverts and cinema notices from 04/03/33. Interesting to note that John Wayne was still a 'B movie' actor at this time, and would be for another six years until "Stagecoach".


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